Stefan started spearfishing in 2012 and joined the Kleinsub team in 2018. Stefan has dedicated his life to spearfishing and participated in almost all competitions in Denmark. But most of all, he enjoys the silence below the surface and to catch his own dinner. Stefan is part of the Danish national spearfishing team.


In 2008 Tonny started spearfishing. Since then, he has caught almost all species of fish in Denmark. Tonny has been part of the Danish national team three times and is a very experienced underwater hunter. Tonny has spent many hours on the west coast of Denmark hunting bass and mullets.

TIMURBech Gündal

I grew up in Turkey and lived most of my childhood there. I began diving when I was about 8 years old. I have always enjoyed the serenity of the ocean, and I love to watch wildlife in the sea and the ocean floor. I have been diving in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. I became a frequent diver when I started diving in Denmark in 2019. Since then,  I've been diving every week along the coastline of Denmark. I love to share my diving experiences with other divers and of course all the beautiful seafood I get to bring home and enjoy.


In 1991 l fell in love with the ocean. It was love at first sight. Since then, I have been trained as a professional diver, underwater photographer, diving instructor and I have gone spearfishing as often as possible. In addition to being an active spearfisher, I am the owner of Kleinsub. 

RasmusWejnold Jørgensen

Rasmus has practiced underwater hunting for 12 years. Most of his diving is in Denmark and he loves wreck deep diving. The last few years he explored new wrecks at +20 meters depth. 
Rasmus has set two Danish records for largest fish and and he still holds the record with the largest Molva molva(Lange). 


Followed by a life-long passion for the ocean, I started spearfishing in 2020. The sport captivated me and I quickly developed my skills. Soon I was spearing and enjoying most of the pelagic species of Denmark.

I find that the mix of calm breath holds and adrenalin makes for such a dynamic and deeply felt experience, that’s hard to find elsewhere than in spearfishing.

I’m just absolutely addicted.